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Welcome to Pelican Town

After getting fed-up with the corporate high life in the city, you decided to leave everything behind. In your drawer, you find a letter from your grandpa – a letter that he gave you when you were still a child. In his words, he left you a gift far away from the city: a property that he used to own back in Pelican Town. Now with a chance for a new life and new people to get acquainted with, your grandfather’s farm becomes your gateway for a fresh start. Grow your own business, discover new lands, and maybe meet the love of your life in Stardew Valley download.


Honest and Wholesome Gameplay from Start to Finish

Well, it’s a farming game with some bits of life simulator and dungeon-crawling here and there. You’d think that sounds boring but, deceivingly, it sucks you right in and before you know it, you sunk in hours upon hours in the game! It’s basically one of those games like Harvest Moon for PC but it becomes more distinguishable the more hours you invest in it.

Create your farm however you want it, become a master forager, a hasty fisherman, a keen philanthropist or a brave warrior. Or, become all those at once. But the best bit goes to the story. Sure, it’s simple enough but the purity of the plot as well as the characteristics of each person make the whole Valley feel alive.

Trust me when I say this game is a huge stress reliever. If it helped a lot of suicidal people overcome depression and influenced traits of management as well as interest in agriculture, you know the game is good. Even when you boot up another Stardew Valley new game, the game will always feel so refreshing.


Meet the Locals

If there’s anything else that make Stardew Valley download what it is, it’s the characters in the story. Each townsfolk has his or her story to tell and you can build relationships with them as long as you consistently talk to them and give them gifts that they love. You will laugh, you will cry, you will relate, and at some point, you will fall in love.


More than Just “Another Minecraft Game”

If you look at it from a dense viewpoint, Stardew Valley looks very similar to Minecraft; but in reality, they’re so different. Sure, Stardew may have combat and traveling that go along the farming element but it leans more into story-building than world-building. If anything, it’s more similar to Harvest Moon.


The Valley is Odder than You Know

Just when you thought the county feels boring, wait till you encounter the supernatural. Witches, wizards, slimeballs, fairies, crypts and “junimos” await you.


A Game Made by One Man

Much like Dan Salvato with Doki Doki Literature Club and Toby Fox with Undertale, Stardew Valley was made by one man under the alias, ConcernedApe. He did everything from the coding, the world and character design to the memorable music. If you want to show real support, please do purchase the game on either Steam, GOG, Google Play Store or App Store. Currently, this version is Stardew Valley 1.4 which includes all the bug fixes and additional resources.


What Does This Version of Stardew Valley Make It Different from Steam?

First of all, this Stardew Valley version is based on the mobile port. It may sound weird to you, but we took the time to convert the Stardew Valley Android edition onto the PC. Why? Well, if you’re too lazy to bring up Steam or even pay for the game there, you can, instead, get the game here. But, again, this is extracted from the mobile edition – which means the touchscreens, the zooms, the UI and the interaction are all different. However, the content and the main premise of the game still remain the same. So, if you ever wondered what the mobile version feels like, this makes a great opportunity to let you experience that on the PC.

But most of all, the heart and soul of the game still remain the same – you won’t lose anything here. Oh, and you can also import your save files from the Steam version onto this standalone version too!


Do You Need An Emulator to Run the Game?

Fortunately, we modded the game in order for you to play this as a standalone program on your desktop. That means just install it and you’ll get to play it directly! Get the Stardew Valley free download here.

Game Features

  • Wholesome visuals, music and gameplay
  • An engrossing storyline that connects you with the characters
  • Fun and oddly satisfying farming and fishing mechanics
  • Hours of endless fun (no actual ending in the game)
  • Customize your own farm the way you like it

Download and Play Stardew Valley on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Stardew Valley Screenshot
Stardew Valley Screenshot

Play and Download Stardew Valley on PC, MAC FREE now!